Making decisions

I came across this article which treats the topic on how to make a difficult decision. I’ve had this nice Roland TD11KV electronic drumkit in my apartment because, obviously, acoustic drums will surely get anyone evicted unless you live in a house. But even with an electronic drumkit, people complain and I actually understand – when you play these things, they do make quite a bit of noise.

So, I’ve been thinking about it for a month now – whether or not to sell them that is. It has been really difficult to make a decision, because I realize I have an emotional attachment to these things. But as mentioned in the article I link to – most decisions are not as important as our brains seem to apply they are, and most decisions are also REVERSIBLE. If I do find that I miss them dearly, I can just buy them again in the future, despite the complaining neighbours.

Just wanted to share this with you guys. Also, the article mentions you can pretend it’s not you, but your friend who needs to make a decision, and that you give your friend advice. Yes, I actually did this, I sat here talking to myself, about myself. I’m already crazy – a little bit more won’t make or break anything. I think.

I find decision making to be a weakness of mine, and I would like to improve on it. This also directly affects my music and my upcoming album. There are thousands of decisions to make, some more important than others, but they all have to be made. Ever since I completed my first album, I’ve been thinking I’m not going to be perfectionistic about my next album. I’ve already started recording some ideas and they contain a lot of mistakes – which is fine! So far so good. Compared to my first album, even the test recordings were redone until they sounded like they could be on the actual album. But they were still just test recordings in my head, even though they sounded super, so I still ended up re-recording everything once I had laid out the arrangements of the songs.

My goal now is to not spend that much time on useless stuff again. More music, less tweaking.

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